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The health and wellbeing of our staff and guests is always of paramount importance. Due to the current developments around COVID-19, some events may not be possible.

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Harderwijkerweg 497
8077 RJ Hulshorst
T: 0341 451 541

Company details

Company details

EHM Hotel Hulshorst de Beyaerd Exploitatiemaatschappij
Harderwijkerweg 497 NL – 8077 RJ Hulshorst
T +31(0)341 – 451 541
E info.debeyaerd@apollohotels.nl

CCI 08084499
VAT NL808727928B01
IBAN NL22 ING B000 7477 839

Apollo Hotel Veluwe De Beyaerd

Apollo Hotel Veluwe De Beyaerd

Next to our site is Apollo Hotel Veluwe De Beyaerd. In our hotel you will wake to the chirping of the birds. Apollo Hotel Veluwe De Beyaerd is a pavilion-style hotel, which means that our hotel is made up of numerous buildings. For example, you would take a walk through the woodland garden to the main building for your breakfast, or wander past the swimming pool to our sauna.

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